~BOLDCraft~ made by volcano7980

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~BOLDCraft~ made by volcano7980

Post  volcano7980 on Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:01 am

This is just a texturepack for survival that I made, it is not really good yet but im working on it, first off, im having problems with the birch wood trees because I can find or download the .png file for it in order to edit it and put it into the game...

Well back to the good side, this pack is mainly supposed to be BOLD as you can see in the title BOLD like BOLD BOLD of the BOLDLIEST BOLD of the BOLDNESSNESS BOLD BOLD... sorry...
Also: the head of mexican guy is black, need help to fix problem.
Please download and try out to help me make it better! (This is a survival beta pack only)
download: mediafire.com ?l69df6b77cmss3c

GRRR for some reason elvis's forum will not let me post the link correctly, if you want to try my pack just contact me on the server or by skype...


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